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Price starts at 155 EUR/single room/1 person Currency: 

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 6 Building 1/7, Griboedova Street, Tyumen of Russia

Tyumen Remezov hotel was opened on 15 April 2010. From the 4th till the 11th floors there are rooms of standard category. ItТs worth to mark that 8th - 14th floors are for no smoking. All rooms of Remezon hotel of Tyumen are comfortable and cozy. They are fully equipped with all necessary things, so that you shouldnТt think about any everyday worries. You can relax after intensive work in the evening and order a breakfast into your room in the morning. You will be satisfied with a good quality service.

Ideal combination of comfort and functionality expect you in Two-roomed Suites in Remezov hotel. This room will solve a problem with your rest or talks with business partners. Three-roomed Suites of Remezov hotel are very spacious and light. They will be suitable as for business people as for those who decided to spend their weekend in the luxury. You will delight the refined Italian furniture and elegant textiles.

The grandeur of the President Apartments emphasizes your greatness and your blameless taste. You will have everything here! At your disposal there is a kitchen and a training hall. YouТll like the color spectrum of the rooms, beautiful view from your window and a modern security system will let you feel safe. Remezov hotel Apartment satisfies all strong requirements.

In "Remezov hotel Tyumen" there are two conference halls ("Irtysh" Ц 70 sq.m., "Tobol" Ц 25 sq.m.) and a meeting room ("Tura" Ц 25 sq.m.). The halls are fully equipped according to the modern requirements for holding events. You can have a coffee break during the conference or order a standing buffet after it.

You will feel a hospitable and cozy atmosphere in the Remezov restaurant or in a tea-room (banquette hall). Its not a problem to arrange a banquette here to celebrate the occasion (birthday, anniversary, holiday etc).
You are also welcome in the buffet restaurant УBufetФ if you have a good appetite or in the bar УBufetФ if you want just to drink something with light snacks.

New Remezov hotel of Tyumen disposes 108 rooms of different categories. There are 62 Standard Rooms and 23 УSpecialФ Rooms (The merchant Rooms) for business people. It also has 5 unique transformer-rooms (located in different floors), that can be reconstructed in two-roomed apartments. You also can choose comfortable 2- or 3-roomed Suites in Remezov hotel. And for the most exacting guests Remezov hotel offers the President Apartments with kitchen and even with training room! As a pleasing addition you will get a fantastic view on the city from the window.
 Facilities and services 
for business traveler:
For business people Remezov hotel offers 2 equipped conference halls (70 and 25 sq.m.) and a meeting room (25 sq.m., for negotiations).

for recreation and fitness:
On the 1st floor there is a wellness zone. Using a sauna and a swimming pool is free for hotel guests.
The hotel also has its beauty salon УRomansФ with the most exclusive outfits in Tyumen city. It is a real paradise for women who wants to feel and look perfect, to stay young and beautiful.
 Breakfast  buffet
 Dining Out  On the 1st floor of Remezov hotel there is a bar "Bufet" (17 seats) and buffet restaurant "Bufet" (84 seats). On the 2nd floor you can visit a Remezov restaurant (100 seats) or tea-room (banquette hall). For those who still smokes there is a smoking room. The hotel can arrange a banquette in one of these restaurants on your wish.
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