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FILTON HOTEL Tyumen hotels
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Price starts at 76 EUR/single room/1 person Currency: 

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   30, Privokzalnaya St, Tyumen, Russia

A three-star Filton Hotel of Tyumen stands almost in the very center of the city and it attracts tourists with its good services and favourable atmosphere. If tourists are travelling by train, Tyumen Filton Hotel would be very comfortable for them to get in. Filton hotel has 37 rooms of different categories which correspond to European standards.

Filton Hotel is one of the most favourite places for well-knows singers, actors, artists and other famous people.

Filton Hotel can offer 29 Standard rooms, 2 Superior and 6 Deluxe rooms. Each room is equipped with a double bed or two single beds, fridge, TV, telephone, mini-bar, restroom with a bath or shower.
Welcome to Filton Hotel and enjoy the holidays!
 In-room amenities  Standard rooms of Filton Hotel have a double bed or two single beds, a fridge, TV, telephone, mini-bar, restroom with a bath or shower. Superior rooms are divided into two bedrooms which are equipped with double beds, TVs, fridges, telephones, mini-bars and 1 restroom with a shower for both rooms. Deluxe rooms have a bedroom and a guestroom. There a guest will find a double bed, soft furniture, fridge, TV, telephone, air conditioner, and restroom with a bath and shower.
 Facilities and services  for traveler:
  • Parking Lot
  • Internet Access
  • Sauna
  • Bar
  • Taxi
  • Room Service
  • English Speaking Staff

    for business traveler:
    There is a meeting room on the third floor of the hotel. Manage any business meetings together with Filton hotel of Tyumen!

    for recreation and fitness:
    There is a great opportunity to have rest in one of three saunas in Tyumen Filton Hotel. Each of them has all the modern technologies so anyone will spend good time in there.

    Saunas № 1 and 2 are equipped with Finnish bunyas, warm pools, showers with hydro massage, a living room with audio/video systems.

    The other sauna has a Finnish bunya, warm pool, and shower with hydro massage, living room with billiard, cycle training simulator, and audio/video systems. Feel free order some drinks and snacks in a bar. The saunas are opened 24 hours a day.
  •  Breakfast  buffet
     Dining Out  Welcome to have a buffet breakfast at the hotel’s bar on the first floor.

    Filton Hotel offers its guest to have a meal in the bar. There anyone can try delicious food and drinks for all the tastes. That bar is a nice place for romantic dates, meeting with the friends or business partners.
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