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Tyumen Apartments

Tyumen Apartments

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Photo Flats Rooms total Address and brief info Rate, EUR Online reservation
  Tyumen apartments Tyumen Apartment #1 1 116 Holodilnaya Street, Tyumen, Russia
The apartment’s building stands in easy 10 minutes car ride to the city center and Tyumen railway station also. It takes about 3... more
50 Book Now
 Apartment in Tyumen Tyumen Apartment #2 1 16 Energetikov Street, Tyumen, Russia
Welcome to a newly built and modern apartment which is located close to the city center. It takes 10 minutes riding to get to Ty... more
76 Book Now
 Tyumen Apartments - Rentals Tyumen Apartment #3 2 84 Holodilnaya Street, Tyumen, Russia
This Tyumen apartment has central location on the opposite of “Minskiy” market. It is within 15 minutes riding to Tyumen railway... more
76 Book Now
 Tyumen Flat Tyumen Apartment #4 1 26 Melnichnaya Street, Tyumen, Russia
The apartment is in 30 minutes walking from Tyumen Central Square. It takes about 15-20 minutes riding to he railway station and... more
76 Book Now
 Apartment in Tyumen. 2 Rooms Tyumen Apartment #5 2 118 Holodilnaya Street, Tyumen, Russia
This two-roomed apartment has a bedroom, a living-room, kitchen and separated restroom with a bath and shower. The total area is... more
60 Book Now
 1 roomed apartment rent in Tyumen Tyumen Apartment #6 1 Building 1, 50 Let Oktyabrya Street, Tyumen, Russia
This one-roomed apartment is located about 15 minutes riding from Tyumen city center. The railway station is within 20 minutes b... more
55 Book Now
  Tyumen Apartment #7 1 13, 50 Let VLKSM Street, Tyumen, Russia
This Studio apartment is 10 minutes riding far from Tyumen city heart. The tourists will need 30 minutes to get to Roschino airp... more
75 Book Now
 Central Tyumen Apartment for rent Tyumen Apartment #8 1 75 Komsomolskaya Street, Tyumen, Russia
The apartment’s situation is in the city center of Tyumen. It is 10 minutes riding far from the railway station and 20 minutes –... more
100 Book Now
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