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- 4* Ural hotel Ekaterinburg
- 4* Onegin Plaza
- 3* Grand Avenue hotel
- 3* Green Park Hotel
- 2* Bolshoy Ural hotel
- 2* hotel URAL
- 4* Novotel Ekaterinburg


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Ekaterinburg Hotels MARINS PARK HOTELEkaterinburg Hotels MARINS PARK HOTEL Trans-Siberian train Ekaterinburg Trans-Siberian train tour Ekaterinburg Trans-siberian tour by train. Yekaterinburg Time of Staying
2 days 1 nights

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all year round

MARINS PARK HOTEL 3* /single room/ breakfasts

Congress hotel Marins Park Hotel (formerly called "Sverdlovsk hotel"). is still the city landmark and Ekaterinburg biggest hotel After renovation in 2012, its rooms and services were considerably upgraded. It is located across the road from the railway station "Ekaterinburg passagirsky" and on the crossroads of Cheluskintsev and Sverdlova Streets....
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Package - 0031

1 person (single room) - 463 EUR
2 persons (DBL/TWN room) - 325 EUR
up to 5 persons - 308 EUR
up to 10 persons - 292 EUR

Tours and Excursions Included

UralTerra.com offers for you to stay in Sverdlovsk Hotel just because it is very close to the RW station. Trans siberian railway, Russia, goes through Ekaterinburg. Ekaterinburg station name is Sverdlovsk, this is a former name of our city. If you do Trans-Siberia travel, you stop in Ekaterinburg is very short. UralTerra.com offers you to start from informative city-tour. This tours is by car, but you will make photos stops and short walk. You will walk and see many highlight of Ural capital: Historical Square, Iset River pond and its Dam, 1905 Revolution Square, monument to the Founders of the city - Tatishev and DeGenin, Coin Yard, Sevastyanov Estate, Lenin Monument, the City Hall. After you will proceed to Ascension Hill with its churches. You will enjoy attractive Kharitonov park, Kharitonov Manor House. If you do trans siberian railway travel do not miss the most important and interesting place to see in Ekaterinburg - Cathedral on the Blood – ex-Ipatyev’s house where the last Russia Tsar Romanov family was killed. This is not good point of Russian history, but this last tzar Ronamov family story changed much in Russia and you will learn it right in a place where it happened. (guiding, 3 hours)
Trans siberian tours are mostly about Russian history. You know more and more about Russian history with each next coming city. Ekaterinburg history is connected with last tzar Romanov family. There is no need in any arguments, since the history of Nicholay Romanov II and his family has been a matter of incessant scientific, religious, and mystic interest. Visit monastery of Holy Majestic Martyrs at Ganya’s Pit - a place where Romanovs` bodies were supposedly burnt, walk around and feel the atmosphere of spirituality admiring 7 gorgeous wooden churches built without a single nail! this tour will allow you to penetrate into the tragic and catastrophic events of 1917-1918 that has lead to complete transformation of Russia’s past and present. Our tour will end at Romanov Memorial that commemorates a mine where remains of Romanov family have been found. (guiding, transport, 3 hours)

Day 2. EUROPE AND ASIA BORDER. Trans-Siberian Train Tours - Stop in Ekaterinburg
Ekaterinburg is trans siberian railroad city. But it is also famous as a city on the border between European and Asian continents. This is "the must" for tourist to visit, you will travel 40 km away from Ekaterinburg. Ekaterinburg is formally located in Asia but people feel themselves europeans. First monument that marks the line is 17 km far from Ekaterinburg. You will see this point first. You will surely make a photo stop. After you will proceed to the original monument which is 40 km far. You will also make a stop to see memorial to Stalin`s soviet regime victims. You will also make a stop in Novoalekseeva village, you`ll see the old Moscow way - original trans siberian route. When you come back to Ekaterinburg, you will have lunch and after you will proceed back to trans siberian train. We wish you a safe trip further. (guiding, transport, 2,5 hours)

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