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Tours in Ekaterinburg

Tours in Ekaterinburg

Kungur ice cave Kungur Ice Cave. Russia Kungur Ice Cave Excursion (from Ekaterinburg)
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Brief Tour Info
Tour from Ekaterinburg.
You are invited to travel north to the Perm province of the Ural region to see the unique Kungur Ice Cave that is located on the right bank of Sylva river, at the environs of Kungur city. It is a natural monument of All-Russian significance, an outstanding karst object, the largest gypseous cave in the Urals and the 6th longest in the world (5600m). There are 60 lakes with amazingly pure water and 20 grottos that will usher you into the subterranean kingdom of stalagmites and stalactites. You`ll witness the stark music of ice and stone, grandiosity and cosmic silence.

Tour Description
8:50 am - meet up at your hotel in Ekaterinburg
9:00 am - departure with a bilingual guide in a comfortable vehicle
1:00 pm - we are in Kungur and going for a panoramic excursion of the old town
2:00 pm - lunch time and you can rest for a while
3:00 pm - thrilling 1,5 km tour into the depths of Earth through captivating grottos, lakes and narrow ice cave tunnels
5:00 pm - sorry, but it's time to go back - now you understand that once you've been to Kungur Ice Cave you'll always feel its magnetic call!
9:00 pm - we arrive back in the hotel

Kungur Ice Cave stretches for 10 sq km. and it is bounded by the valleys of rivers Sylva and Shakva from thee sides. The ice cave is 80 meters high. Sometimes the river overflows the banks and join the cave lakes which are flooding too. The lakes are no more than 3 meters deep. According to scientists' opinion, this cave is 10-12 thousand years old. The cave is full of mysteries, it fascinates by frozen poetry of ice and stone, its lakes and huge grottos seem to be magic and unreal. A visitors feels like in a fairy-tale world.

The length of passages is 5600 km but tourist walk a 1,5 km way. The rest part, without the route called Small Ring, which serves as a side-track in the case of flood, is used for exploring.
There are 58 grottos, 50 underground lakes and 146 so called organ pipes. The size of all cavities makes up more than 0,5 mln cubic meters. Separate grottos are decorated with large ice crystals, stalactites and stalagmites.

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy visiting Kungur Ice Cave!

Tour Duration
till 12 hours

Tour Season
all the year round

Number of Tourists
up to 56

car, minibus, bus

Russian, English

Excursion - 0006

Beauty and Grandeur of The Kungur Ice Cave


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