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Tours in Ekaterinburg

Tours in Ekaterinburg

Bicycle Tours in Ekaterinburg Ekaterinburg on Bicycle Bicycle citytour in Ekaterinburg Brief Tour Info
A special bicycle tour about the city will enable you to do the city in a funny and unusual way, it will allow you to reach all secluded nooks you couldnt see with usual transport! You will take a bicycle and cycle along the main streets and parks of Ekaterinburg. Your trip will start from the Central Square. You will move along Lenina Street and Sverdlova Street to Voznesenskaya Hill and look at the Cathedral on the Blood. There you will be able to have a marvelous view of the city. After that you will move to the Literature Quarter. There you will emerge into its quiet and poetic atmosphere, and see houses and street lamps of the 18-19th cc. then you proceed to the embankment of the Iset River. There you can admire peaceful sparkling water in the sunshine and boats in the City Pond. After that, along the embankment, past luxurious Governors Residence, you will move to the opposite side of the City Pond to Drama Theatre, a favorite spot of bikers and rollers. And the final spot will be a beautiful park near Youths Concert Hall, there you will cycle along tree-lined lanes and paths. During this trip you will have a few halts to have rest and listen to our guide, who will tell you about our city.

Tour Description
11:00 meeting and departure
11:30 stop at the Cathedral on the Blood and guides excursion
11:45 halt at Literature Quarter, excursion
11:55 stop near Governors Residence
12:15 halt at Drama Theatre, excursion and cycling
12:40 departure to Youths Concert Hall Park
13:00 cycling in the park and relaxation on the benches, lunch
13:30 departure to the starting point
14:00 the end of the trip

Tour Duration
3 hours

Tour Season

Number of Tourists
up to 10



Excursion - 0043

Ekaterinburg City - Bicycle Tour


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