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Tours in Ekaterinburg

Tours in Ekaterinburg

Holy-Trinity monastery -Romanov Assassination Alapaevsk- Royal Family Assassination Sinyachikha- Romanovs Assassination Brief Tour Info
There is no need to mention that the story of last Ramonvs has been a matter of incessant scientific, religious, and mystic interest. The Urals is the region where last Romanovs spent their last days. During our excursion you will visit two cities Ekaterinburg and Alapaevsk, where the members of tsar family were assassinated. The excursion will start in Ekaterinburg.

Tour Description
You will follow the way of tsar family form the former Ipatyevs house, where the tsar family were imprisoned and killed to the Monastery of Holy Majestic Martyrs at Ganyas Pit - a place where Romanovs` bodies were burnt. But not only Ekaterinburg got sad fame because of tsar family assassination. Grand duchess Elizaveta Fedorovna and grand dukes Romanovs were brought to Alapaevsk and killed there, their bodies were dropped to the pit, where the monastery of Russian Holy Martyrs stands nowadays. You will visit the main attraction of the city Holy Trinity Cathedral, Verchnaya Sinyatchiha Museum and the Museum of Tchaikovsky I.

1st day tour to Church-on-Blood and the Monastery of Holy Majestic Martyrs at Ganyas Pit
09.50 meeting at your hotel with a guide
10.15 visit to Church-on-Blood
11.30 departure from Church-on-Blood and drive to the Monastery of Holy Majestic Martyrs at Ganyas Pit
12.00 arrival at the Monastery of Holy Majestic Martyrs at Ganyas Pit - a place where Romanovs' bodies were burnt. Walk around and feel the atmosphere of spirituality admiring 7 gorgeous wooden churches built without a single nail.
13.10 we leave the holly place and drive back to the hotel.
You may have dinner in the restaurant Orthodox meal in Zelenya Rosha (Green Grove)

2nd day tour to Alapaevsk
09.00 - meeting at your hotel with a guide
11.20 arrival at Alapaevsk
12.00 visit to the monastery of Holy Trinity Cathedral (the main attraction of the city, this cathedral was visited by Grand duchess Elizaveta Fedorovna and grand dukes Romanovs)
13.10 visit to Sinyatchiha Museum, where the documents about grand dukes and duchess assassination are kept.
14.15 lunch and rest
15.10 visit to the Men Monastery of Russian Holy Martyrs on the Mezhnaya River (on the former pit, where the bodies of Elizaveta Fedorovna and grand dukes were dropped)
16.30 visit to the museum of Tchaikovsky I. in Alapaevsk
17.50 departure from Alapaevsk

Tour Duration
11 hours

Tour Season
All the year round

Number of Tourists

car, mini bus, bus

Russian, English

Excursion - 0044

Alapaevsk and Ekaterinburg: last Romanovs assassination


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