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*Downtown Ekaterinburg flats
*Reasonably distant flats
*Distant flats
*Ekaterinburg apartments. Questions
*Budget apartment: 55 EUR/night
*Ekaterinburg, Russia. Profile
*Sverdlovsk Region
*Political Geography: Ural Federal District
*History: Modern Ekaterinburg
*Georgaphy of the Ural, Ekaterinburg

* Today * Weather * Currency
29 Sep 2022
07:53 GMT+05:00

hi 10°C - lo 13°C
hi 50°F - lo 55.4°F
National Currency
RUR - Rubles
1 EUR: 90 RUR
1 USD: 74 RUR
*Five Star Hotel/Luxury Hotel
*Four Star Hotel/First Class Hotel
*Three Start Hotel/Middle Class Hotel
*Two Star Hotel/Budget Hotel
*One Star Hotel/Low Budget Hotel
*Ekaterinburg Hotels. Questions
*Budget central hotel: 39 EUR/night

*Ekaterinburg Art Gallery
*Iset River Embankment
*Ekaterinburg City Hall
*Opera and Ballet House
*Europe and Asia Monument
*Ural State Technical University

*Culture and History
*Leisure and Entertainment
*Science and Education
*Sport, Adventure, Tourism
*Natural Reserves and Resources

*Ekaterinburg Restaurants
*Ekaterinburg Cafes
*Ekaterinburg Bars & Pubs
*Fast Food in Ekaterinburg
*UralTerra.com recommends: Dacha

Ekaterinburg map General info about Ekaterinburg, Russia
*Atrium Palace Hotel. Quiet Saloon
*Iset Hotel. Meeting room
*Rings Hotel. Conference Room
*Antey business center

*Transfer (Airport, RailWay station)
*Rent a car
*First class package
*Middle class package
*Budget class package
*Travel to Ekaterinburg. Questions

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