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- 4* Ural hotel Ekaterinburg
- 4* Onegin Plaza
- 3* Grand Avenue hotel
- 3* Green Park Hotel
- 2* Bolshoy Ural hotel
- 2* hotel URAL
- 4* Novotel Ekaterinburg


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Russia - Ekaterinburg
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Questions and Answers
Useful general travel information

Do you offer visa assistance?
UralTerra.com UralTerra.com offers travel visa assistance when you order accommodation - hotel or apartment - in Ekaterinburg.
Do you provide with travel insurance?
UralTerra.com Yes, if you order 1 day tour, number of tours or individual tours under request. This is a way for you to get high-quality medical assistance in the case of emergency. UralTerra.com provides each tourist with travel insurance. You will get insurance policy that covers over 30000 USD of emergency expenditures.
Can I order a travel package to other Russian cities, for example, Moscow or St. Petersburg?
UralTerra.com Sure. Make a individual tour here, we will take into account all your requirements and wishes.
What is the best time for travelling to Ekaterinburg?
UralTerra.com Feel free to ask UralTerra.com manager questions to specify the exact dates of our Ekaterinburg travel packages availability. Although if you think that offered dates don't match your plans, you can order personalized package and choose the most comfortable dates for your sojourn in Ekaterinburg. Best weather conditions in Russia are from March through November. Info about Ekaterinburg climate is here. If you wish to experience Russian winter, then the "coolest" (don't read the coldest :) time to come to the Urals is from the middle of December and till the middle of February.
What is a travel package?
UralTerra.com This is an already made travel product which consists of services a tourist needs for the perfect trip: Ekaterinburg hotel accommodation, apartment accommodation, transportation, visa and other documents assistance, excursion program. Having provided a travel package to you we take subsequent responsibility for your sojourn in Russia which implies assistance with all required documents for issuing visa and posterior registration in Russia. UralTerra.com gladly offers sizzling seasonal packages as well as budget, first class and luxury class travel packages in Ekaterinburg. Don't hesitate to ask for personalized package that we are always eager to make for any client at the most reasonable price.
Can a traveller get a travel package made for him only?
UralTerra.com Yes. You can make travel package order here. Let us know about the hotel level, dates of your trip and travel itinerary.
Package price is very expensive for me...How can I get a package with less expensive price?
UralTerra.com Check UralTerra.com Ekaterinburg budget class packages first. Or you are welcome to make up a travel package specially for yourself. Package rate is made of all services included. Minimal list of the package items is following: hotel accommodation, visa assistance, travel insurance, transfer from and to airport. You can order minimal package for yourself with no excursions included and with cheap Ekaterinburg apartment accommodation. All these things will make your package price very low. You can order other services additionally when you are already in Ekaterinburg.
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