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Central Ekaterinburg hotels:
SNGL: 67 Euro, 72 Euro70 Euro

Business Ekaterinburg hotels:
SNGL: 76 Euro, 88 Euro260 Euro

Budget Ekaterinburg hotels:
SNGL: 36 Euro55 Euro76 Euro
 Good Choice: 90 EUR
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- 4* Ural hotel Ekaterinburg
- 4* Onegin Plaza
- 3* Grand Avenue hotel
- 3* Green Park Hotel
- 2* Bolshoy Ural hotel
- 2* hotel URAL
- 4* Novotel Ekaterinburg


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HOTEL URAL. Ekaterinburg hotels

Ekaterinburg hotels

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 HOTEL URAL Ekaterinburg hotels

HOTEL URAL Ekaterinburg hotels
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Price starts at 76 EUR/single room/1 person Currency: 

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 57 Michurina St., Ekaterinburg, Russia 620075

Hotel "Ural" is a two-star Ekaterinburg hotel which is located in the center of Ekatinburg city. Different kinds of shops, movie centers, theatres and entertainment centers round "Ural". "Ural" hotel is a great combination of good services, experienced staff and low prices. Moreover, the hotel takes place next to any kinds of transport – buses №14, 27, 28, 31, 50, 50A, trams №4, 8, 13, 15, 18 and mini-busses №14, 15, 28, 31, 50, 50A are available since 6 am till 11 pm so it is very easy to get from the hotel to any places of interests and than back. Your stop is "Vostochnaya".

Ekaterinburg Hotel "Ural" has 54 comfortable rooms which include each category – from budget till deluxe. Budget rooms are not equipped with a shower, but other categories include restrooms, TV and fridge.

The main peculiarity of Ekaterinburg "Ural" hotel is that it is decorated with the natural Ural’s stones like coil and rhodonite.

Available prices, favorable atmosphere, friendly and experienced staff, good location – that is "Ural". You are welcome!
 In-room amenities  Budget Rooms of Ekaterinburg "Ural" hotel are equipped with the restrooms, but they share the shower with neighboring room.
Standard Rooms have restroom with a bath or shower, TV and refrigerator.
Standard Premium Rooms of "Ural" hotel are equipped with a double bed, restroom with a bath or shower, TV, refrigerator.
Studio Rooms have restroom with a bath or shower, fridge, TV, a double bed, a sofa.
Deluxe Rooms are two-roomed, they include a bedroom and a living room, 2 restrooms with a shower, TV, fridge, air conditioner.
Slippers and dressing gowns are free under request.
 Facilities and services  for traveler:
Cafe "Krasny Yar", Taxi Calling, Visa Registration, Parking Lot, Internet Access.

for business traveler:
Copy Center

for recreation and fitness:
Hair Dressing Saloon
 Breakfast  continental breakfast
 Dining Out  You are welcome to have lunch in "Krasny Yar" café that suggests delicious food and nice atmosphere!

If you look for another Ekaterinburg hotel that has simular Ural name,
feel free to check Bolshoy Ural Hotel 2* or UralHotel 4*
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