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Central Ekaterinburg hotels:
SNGL: 67 Euro, 72 Euro70 Euro

Business Ekaterinburg hotels:
SNGL: 76 Euro, 88 Euro260 Euro

Budget Ekaterinburg hotels:
SNGL: 36 Euro55 Euro76 Euro
 Good Choice: 90 EUR
Apartment rent in Ekaterinburg. Price per night

 Ekaterinburg hotels MAP

Ekaterinburg map
- 4* Ural hotel Ekaterinburg
- 4* Onegin Plaza
- 3* Grand Avenue hotel
- 3* Green Park Hotel
- 2* Bolshoy Ural hotel
- 2* hotel URAL
- 4* Novotel Ekaterinburg


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Ekaterinburg hotels

Ekaterinburg hotels

Questions and Answers
Information about Ekaterinburg hotels

How much time in advance a tourist should make an order to have a hotel room reserved and paid?
Ekaterinburg hotels UralTerra.com advises you to make an order at least 24 hours before check-in time. This is enough to confirm your hotel reservation. Though the earlier you do your order - the better choice of hotels and room types you have. If you do reservation beforehand, UralTerra.com has time to offer different hotels and special hotel discounts. So, you will have hotel list to choose from.
Does UralTerra.com offer a full list of Ekaterinburg hotels?
Ekaterinburg hotels Yes. These are all hotels of Ekaterinburg listed on our web. We follow new hotels and hotels' rates regularly. We co-operate with most of hotels in Ekaterinburg.
Is it possible to change a hotel you live in while you are in Ekaterinburg?
Ekaterinburg hotels Yes. You can change your hotel anytime. Paid amount will be refunded according to the terms and conditions of hotel reservation. You can also cancel your reservation if you refuse to travel.
Are hotel levels of Ekaterinburg the same as in Europe and the USA?
Ekaterinburg hotels We do not have "stars" classification here. Generally we have the same hotel gradation and requirements to the hotels. Though Ekaterinburg hotels services and equipment are a bit lower in quality than in Europe and the U.S. Surprisingly, we have higher hotel rates in Ekaterinburg. This is because of small number of hotels and weak price competitiveness. UralTerra.com offers its own hotel gradation and it is close to reality - budget, middle, first and deluxe hotel classes. Follow hotels descriptions choosing a hotel to stay in.
Hotel meal... What is included?
Ekaterinburg hotels Most Ekaterinburg hotels include breakfasts to the room's rate. They are continental or buffet breakfasts. You can order lunch and dinner additionally anytime. Breakfast food is fresh and it is of good quality. Use bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth even in luxurious quality hotels. You are welcome to use mini-bars for additional payment.
Hotel security
Ekaterinburg hotels It is secure and reliable to leave money and valuables in hotels of middle and high class. Be reasonably attentive and keep your treasures in the hotel safe box. Get your passport and guest card with you when leaving the hotel. Apartment accommodation safety is under your responsibility. Apartments that UralTerra.com offers are located in Ekaterinburg downtown which is a secure and calm district.
Time to check in and check out in Ekaterinburg hotels
Ekaterinburg hotels 12-00 pm mostly. Passport and visa are required. Early check in is a matter of additional day payment. Some hotels offer early check in (06-00 am till 12-00 midday) for free. Late check out is a matter of 1/2 additional day payment if you leave before 06-00 pm.
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