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- 4* Ural hotel Ekaterinburg
- 4* Onegin Plaza
- 3* Grand Avenue hotel
- 3* Green Park Hotel
- 2* Bolshoy Ural hotel
- 2* hotel URAL
- 4* Novotel Ekaterinburg


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Russia - Ekaterinburg
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Highlights of Ekaterinburg

Highlights of Ekaterinburg

Zoos of Russia: Ekaterinburg Zoo

Travel Ekaterinburg Zoos of Russia: Ekaterinburg Zoo General Information
Zoos of Russia are not complete without Ekaterinburg zoo. This zoo was founded in 1930 and originally it used to be a very small and provincial Zoo, giving home to 60 animals. Although we should mention that the keepers of the zoo had succeeded to sextuple the population of animals in the next year of intensive work. From its very foundation the story of the Ekaterinburg zoo was homeless and abandoned, because neither the Soviet nor the re-elected Russian administration was able to allot territory and then money for the construction of decent pavilions and buildings. So, not until 1994, the start of the total reconstruction and active financing, had the revival of the Ekaterinburg zoo become possible. Nowadays there are more than 700 animals that relate to 236 species. The zoo is located on 2,5 hectors of land and it is considered to be one of the most diminutive in size, but genuinely unique as regards its collection of rare animals in Russia.

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189, Mamina Sibirjaka Str., Ekaterinburg Russia 620055
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