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- 4* Ural hotel Ekaterinburg
- 4* Onegin Plaza
- 3* Grand Avenue hotel
- 3* Green Park Hotel
- 2* Bolshoy Ural hotel
- 2* hotel URAL
- 4* Novotel Ekaterinburg


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Russia - Ekaterinburg
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Highlights of Ekaterinburg

Highlights of Ekaterinburg

PhotoName and AddressPhotoName and Address
Historical Square of Ekaterinburg
Historical Square, Ekaterinburg Russia
Ekaterinburg Art Gallery
5, Voevodina Str., Ekaterinburg Russia 620014
Iset River Embankment
Iset River Embankment, Ekaterinburg Russia
Governors Residence
21 Gorkogo Str, Ekaterinburg Russia 620131
Ekaterinburg City Hall
24 A Lenina Str., Ekaterinburg Russia 620014
Sevastyanov Estate
35, Lenina Str., Ekaterinburg Russia 620151
Monument to Fathers-Founders of Ekaterinburg -Tatischev and DeHeninn
Historical Square and Iset river embankment, Ekaterinburg Russia
Square of Labor and Chapel of Saint Ekaterina
Labour Sq. Ekaterinburg Russia
Square of 1905 Revolution
Square of 1905 Revolution Ekaterinburg Russia
Sverdlovsk Regional Government Building -The White House of Ekaterinburg
1, Oktyabrskaya Sq., Ekaterinburg Russia 620131
Building Siberian Trade Bank
27, Lenina Ave., Ekaterinburg Russia 620014
Square of Lovers
Oktyabrskaya Sq, Ekaterinburg Russia
Opera and Ballet House
46 A, Lenina Str, Ekaterinbug Russia 620151
Secret KGB Commune-Town
69/1, Lenina Ave., Ekaterinburg, Russia 620151
Central Post Office of Ekaterinburg
39, Lenina Ave., Ekaterinburg, Russia 620151
Coliseum Cinema in Ekaterinburg
43, Lenina Ave., Ekaterinburg, Russia 620151
Rastorguev-Kharitonov Estate
44, Karl Libkneht Str., Ekaterinburg Russia 620075
Public Park of the Rastorguev-Kharitonov Estate
44, Karl Libkneht Str., Ekaterinburg Russia 620075
Monument at the Border between Europe and Asia
Literary Quarter of Ekaterinburg
Traditional Wooden Architecture - Filits Estate
187, Mamin Sibiryak Str., Ekaterinburg Russia 620055
Photography Museum Former House of Photographer Metenkov
36, Karl Libkneht Str., Ekaterinburg, Russia 620075
State Stone-Cutting and Jewelers Art History Museum
40, Lenina Ave., Ekaterinburg Russia 620075
Museum of Stone or Ural Museum of Mineralogy
30, Kuibysheva Str., Ekaterinburg Russia 620290
Museum of Nevyansk Icon
15, Engelsa Str., Ekaterinburg Russia 620219
Ural Federal University
19, Mira Str., Ekaterinburg Russia 620002
Federal University (former UrSU named after M. Gorky)
51, Lenina Ave., Ekaterinburg Russia 620151
Memorial Complex Black Tulip and Monument to Victims of the Chechen War
Soviet Army Sq., Ekaterinburg Russia
Pushkin Monument
Literary Quarter, Ekaterinburg Russia
Zoos of Russia: Ekaterinburg Zoo
189, Mamina Sibirjaka Str., Ekaterinburg Russia 620055
Russian Circus: Ekaterinburg
43, 8 Marta Str., Ekaterinburg Russia 620142
Arboretum of Ekaterinburg
Cathedral on the Blood in the Name of All Saints that Have Brightened Up in the Land of Russia
34, Tolmacheva Str., Ekaterinburg Russia 620151
Ex-site of Ipatyev House
Next to 34, Tolmacheva Str., Ekaterinburg Russia 620151
Church of Ascension
1, Voznesenskaya Sq. Ekaterinburg Russia 620151
Cathedral of Holy Trinity
57, Rosy Luksemburg Str., Ekaterinburg Russia 620026
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
1, Zelenaya Roscha, Ekaterinburg Russia 620144
Church in the Name of Jesus Christs Nativity
4 A, Mashynostroiteley Str., Ekaterinburg Russia 620012
Legislative Assembly
10, Borisa Yeltsina Str. Ekaterinburg, Russia
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