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ViZ Apartments

Ekaterinburg VIZavi Apartments
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25 G Krasnouralskaya Street, Ekaterinburg, Russia, 620028

In Vizavi Apart-Hotel (Apartments Club) you can find luxury modern accommodations for all the tastes. The combination of nice furniture and elegant luxury with the business similarity makes business people feel comfortable in Vizavi Apart-hotel The comfort, stability, safety, and good quality are in great value here. There is a lobby-bar with exclusive drinks. Vizavi Apart-Hotel (former Apartment Club) is located in Viz district in Ekaterinburg. There are a lot of busses and trams which are going to the downtown from there. Vizavi Apart-hotel is situated within 20 minutes from the center of Ekaterinburg city.

Vizavi Apart-Hotel has a great variety of apartments of luxury style. There are 8 one-room apartments, 4 two-rooms and 4 three-rooms apartments. These rooms can make you feel you are at home. Vizavi Apartment Club suggests such free services as the press delivery, wake-up call the time you need, giving boiling water, pins, threads, one combination of plates and dishes and a cover. In Vizavi Apart-Hotel you can have continental breakfast in the bar or it will be delivered to your room. You can also cook your breakfast yourself because every apartment has its own kitchen. All the apartments are separated but they have a good additional service which helps to have an unforgettable rest.
Apartment - 0036
Starting at 118 EUR per night
Total rooms: 16
Maximum persons: 0
Minimum stay: 1 night

Nights:   Exchange Rates

In-room amenities kitchen, TV, DVD, safe, air-conditioner, iron with an ironing-board. In kitchen there are: fridge, gas-cooking, microwave oven, tea set, mini-bar, glass for drinks.

Orient Magicapartment. The apartment is rather spacious. Is has 28 square meters. Orient magic is good for having rest. In a bedroom you will find a cozy double bed, a wardrobe and a bedside-table. The furniture is modern and it is of stylish design. In a hall there are some comfortable chairs and a table. A nice kitchen will make you feel you are at home. Orient magic is an apartment with all the conveniences there.

Rose De Luxe apartment. The apartment has one room of 28 square meters. Its a great place to have unforgettable rest with a person you love. Rose De Luxe is very famous with its romantic design. Brown-colored rooms will make you forget about the things which bother you. Nice modern furniture will help you to relax and to feel like home. In a bedroom there are a double-bed, a wardrobe and a bedside-table. In Rose De Luxe apartment there is also a restroom with a shower.

Twin Comfort apartment. The apartment has two rooms. It is quite bid. Its space is 33 square meters. You will never find a place better to stay during your business trip together with your partner. Twin Comfort apartment has two separate beds. There is also a hall with modern soft furniture in it. You can have an unforgettable rest making business. Twin Comfort has a modern restroom with a shower. There are all the conveniences inside there.

Yin-Yang apartment. It is the biggest apartment. There are three rooms in there. It has 47 square meters. Yin-Yang apartment is very good to have a rest together with your friends. There are two bedrooms and a spacious hall in the apartment. Moreover, there are two restrooms which are separated there. It will make your rest more comfortable. Yin-Yang apartment is famous with its design. One half of the apartment is colored with dark shadows, another one is of light shadows. People of all the tastes feel comfortable in the apartment. Youll have a good vacation enjoying modern furniture and good service there.
Facilities and services for traveler:
Vizavi Apart-Hotel has English-speaking Staff, Room Service, Parking Lot.
Dining Out continental in a bar or it can be delivered to your room.
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