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Russia - Ekaterinburg
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Ekaterinburg, Russia. General info.

Ekaterinburg, Russia. General info.

Political Geography: Sverdlovsk Region

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Sverdlovsk Region


Region (oblast)


Ekaterinburg (Yekaterinburg). Former name Sverdlovsk (1924-1991)

Administrative division:

73 municipal items. There are 47 cities, 99 urban-type villages and 1886 villages on its territory.


194 800 km2 (75 200 sq.mi.)

Sverdlovsk Region Population:

4 582 400 inhabitants (in 2000)

Territory and population

According to territory Sverdlovsk Region takes the 18th place in Russia. According to population Sverdlovsk Region is on the 5th place. Sverdlovsk Region is one of the most urbanized regions with highly developed industry. There are about 50 towns and villages on the territory of Sverdlovsk Regions. This makes Sverdlovsk Region second one after Moscow Region in the number of towns and villages.

Sverdlovsk Region has 30 areas and 47 towns. More over Sverdlovsk Oblast is divided into 6 smaller regions (okrugs). The main city of Sverdlovsk Region is Ekaterinburg. Ekaterinburg and other big cities around it form Ekaterinburg agglomeration. Ekaterinburg agglomeration consists of the following cities: Kamensk-Uralsky (200 000 people), Pervouralsk (165 000 people), Asbest, Revda, Sredneuralsk, Sysert, Rezh, Irbit and others.

The second biggest city after Ekaterinburg is Nighny Tagil (407,300 people). It forms another big group of towns (Kachkanar, Novouralsk, Nevjansk, Alapaevsk).

There is one more town agglomeration on the North of Sverdlovsk Region. The main town of this agglomeration is town Serov (Severouralsk, Krasnoturinsk).
Other main towns are Turinsk, Tavda and Krasnoufimsk.

The head of Sverdlovsk Region:

governor (Evgeniy Kuivashev)

Government structure:

governor, regional Duma, council of region ministers, regional court.

Executive power of Sverdlovsk Region

The government of Sverdlovsk Region is considered to be the main executive board. The government is composed of ministries, departments and administrations.

The head of the executive power is a governor, who is elected by popular vote for a four-year term.

The head of the government is appointed by Oblastnaya Duma. His candidature is chosen by the governor (but the governor can't choose the same person more than twice).

Legislative power of Sverdlovsk Region

Legislative power is executed by the Legislative Assembly or Zakonodatelnoe Sobranie. It consists of the Regional Council (or Oblastnaya Duma) and the Chamber of Representatives (or Palata Predstaviteley). Regional Council (or Oblastnaya Duma) (28 deputies)is a lower chamber and elected from party lists in the oblast district. The Chamber of Representatives (or Palata Predstaviteley) (21 deputies) is an upper chamber and elected in single member constituencies. The Legislative Assembly (or Zakonodatelnoe Sobranie) is elected for a four-year term, still half of the Regional Council (or Oblastnaya Duma) deputies are reelected ever 2 year. Regulations Court controls executive and legislative deeds to be in agreement with the Sverdlovsk Region Regulations.

License plate code:

66, 96

The Role of Sverdlovsk Region

Sverdlovsk Region contributes to the country's development.

Sverdlovsk Region is rich with natural recourses. Both quantity and variety of recourses make this region important. Iron, copper, bauxite, coal, nickel, chrome, manganese are mined here. Sverdlovsk Region is considered to be the basic source of raw materials for aluminum industry. Besides Sverdlovsk Region is the only vanadium producer in Russia, because it makes 97% of vanadium production in Russian Federation. Moreover, Sverdlovsk Region takes the first place in iron ore production. The considerable part of the region's territory, about 66%, is covered by forest and woods.

The basis of regional economy is traditionally formed by metallurgy and mineral resource industry together with machine-building and power industry. These brunches of industry make up 82% of the overall output. Defense industry occupies a highly important place in the region's economy. Chemical, timber, woodworking, paper, light and food industry are also highly developed.

Sverdlovsk Region's location in the very centre of Russia makes it the important trading spot. This unique geographical location together with the developed transport network allows Sverdlovsk Region, in future, to become international transport corridor, which will connect Europe with south-eastern Asia.

Sverdlovsk Region has a significant place in foreign-economic activity. The main foreign trade partners of the region are the USA, the Netherlands, India, China, Kazakhstan and Germany.

Sverdlovsk Region possesses broad investment opportunities. The region attracts foreign partners due to various events that are held in Sverdlovsk Region regularly. International armament exhibition is held in the town of Nizghniy Tagil, annual Russian Economic Forum attracts many visitors to Ekaterinburg. Besides, there are different festivals, torments and other events in Sverdlovsk Region every year.

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