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Russia - Ekaterinburg
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Ekaterinburg, Russia. General info.

Ekaterinburg, Russia. General info.

Modern Ekaterinburg: 21th century

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Nowadays, Ekaterinburg is considered to be the 3d capital of Russia. Its status is confirmed by its multifunctionality. It combines material, economic parts of city's life (such as industry, science, trade, transport) as well as cultural ones. All this provides constant development of the city.

Modern Ekaterinburg is the center of heavy engineering industry. It has such industrial giants as Uralmash, Uraltransmash, Uralchimash, Uralelectromash.

Also this city has cultural, scientific and educational potential, due to a great number of Universities.

One of the greatest universities is the Ural Federal University named after the first president of Russia B.N. Eltsin formed in 2011 as a result of unification of two biggest and oldest universities - The Ural State University named after Gorky A. M. (the UrSU) and the Ural State Polytechnic University (the UPI). The main office is located on Mira St.19.

The Ural State University named after Gorky A. M. (the UrSU) was founded in 1920. It presented a number of institutions of different branches: engineering, economy, social science, natural history. This University made the basis for higher professional education on the Middle Ural. Later many independent institutes of higher education appeared on the Ural. The UrSU is the leading Russian institute of higher education. It graduates highly skilled professionals in science, education, economy and culture. Scientific researches in natural History and Sociology were led here. It gave the beginning to well-known schools of thoughts. Now these schools contribute to high quality of education and successful scientific work.

There is another famous university in Ekaterinburg. It is the Ural State Polytechnic University (the UPI). It was founded as a branch of UrSU in 1920, according to the decree of People's Commissar Council. In 1925 the Ural State Polytechnic University (the UPI) became independent educational institution. In 1992 the Ural State Polytechnic University was renamed into the Ural State Technical University, according to the decree of Russian Federation Government. Later it was renamed again into Ural State Technical University - UPI (USTU-UPI). 30 graduates of this University became Heroes of Socialist Labor, 200 graduates got Lenin's Prize or State's Prize, some of them became ministers, company executives, heads of universities, statesmen. The first president of the Russian Federation, Yeltsin B. N. also graduated from this University.


is the cultural capital of Ural - Siberian region and is the third city in Russia (after Moscow and St. Petersburg). Ekaterinburg has the same high level of culture as 2 other capitals Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is the native city of many cultural workers, actors, painters and writers.
Pride of the city is the Municipal Museum of Ural Writers. It includes several museums and a professional theater. It can boast of 3 memorial museums. These museums are dedicated to famous Russian writers of 19th and 20th centuries: Mamin-Sibiryak D.N., Reshetnikov F. M., Bazhov P. P. There is also the Sverdlovsk Literature Museum in Ekaterinburg. It is built in memory of outstanding Russian writer Mamin-Sibiryak D.N. (1852-1912). Visitors can learn about writer's life and work. Mamin-Sybiryak D.N. was also one of the first Russian democrats.

Also, Ekaterinburg is famous for the Museum of Jeweller's Art, the Sverdlovsk Museum of Regional, the Art Museum and the Bazov's House-Museum. This House-museum is famous not only for its exposition, but for its location, as it is situated at the place, where the famous writer lived. Visitors can feel the atmosphere of the past here.


is famous for its theaters too.
The Opera House is one of the oldest theaters in Russia. It opened its first season in 1912. Interesting performances, professional troupes and musical study groups made it famous since the middle of the 19th century. All these helped to earn a reputation for the theater. They called the Opera House "the lab of the Soviet Opera". From the beginning, outstanding masters worked in this theater. Famous singers of the Bolshoy Theater, such as Kozlovsky I., Lemeshev S. Archipova I. began their career in Ekaterinburg. Best singers, artists, producers from the Opera House were sent to Moscow. This tradition is still preserved. Today, the theater has cultural contacts with Italy, Germany, England, the USA, Korea and other countries. Notable guest actors perform on its stage, international musical festivals are held here. The Academic Musical Comedy Theater is another old theater in Ekaterinburg and on the Ural. It was founded in 1933. It is famous for its novel approach. Today, as many years ago, it is one of the most favorable and frequently visited theaters.
There are also other far-famed theaters: the Drama Theater, the Youth's Theater, the Puppet Show, the State Philharmonic Theater and others.
These theaters create unique city's style, as it combines both high technologies with cultural and historical values.

Speaking about cultural life of Ekaterinburg, we can not but mention the Circus. The new building was constructed in 1980. The hall can seat 2.400 spectators. It is the second biggest circus in Russia. A lot of famous Russian and foreign actors performed on its ring.

City's cultural life is rather intensive. Every inhabitant can find hobby to his or her taste in city's places of entertainment. City's surroundings are very picturesque. Inhabitants and visitors like to go to the countryside where they can ski and skate or stroll forest's lanes. Several Olympic champions, for example, Sergey Chepikov and Svetlana Ishmuratova were born in Ekaterinburg.
Today the construction of a modern biathlon stadium is lead in Ekaterinburg. There will be many mountain ski routes, summer roll-skate route, modern fitness center, 50-meters swimming pool, sports grounds and sports equipments.

Ekaterinburg of Russia

is the city where tool work is lead, it is based on unique high-end technology, and as a result, new high-precious equipment is produced.

Moreover, Ekaterinburg is an important, influential financial centre. And it is the largest transport centre in Russia with an extensive network of railways, 2 airports, 2 bus terminals and the Metro.

Ekaterinburg has unique architecture as it has ancient historic buildings and monuments. It has more than 600 historical and cultural monuments. Almost every monument has governmental importance. It enables Ekaterinburg to rank among other historic cities of Russia. Magnificent architectural ensembles of 18th and 19th centuries delight with their beauty. Visitors will be impressed by the beauty of wooden buildings, skillfully constructed by Russian architectures. The only one of its kind, 'collection' of buildings in constructivism style was built in 20-s, 30-s of the 20th century. It attracts architectures from Europe and America. In 2001, Institute of Clod Nicole Ledu (French) included Ekaterinburg in the number of 12 "ideal world cities" due to city's planning and further architectural development. It was in one list with such cities as Paris, New York, Buenos Aires, Geneva, London. These cities are famous for their theaters, museums, outstanding, talented writers and artists, film makers, architects, musicians and jewelers.

Today Ekaterinburg

possesses industrial, scientific and cultural potential. It has favorable geographical and political position, as it is situated on the border between Europe and Asia. These factors create further trends for city's successful development in the 21st century.

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