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Russia - Ekaterinburg
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Ekaterinburg, Russia. General info.

Ekaterinburg, Russia. General info.

Ekaterinburg mapEkaterinburg MapEkaterinburg map: hotels and city highlights. Following map fragment sketches out Ekaterinburg city center. Verkh-Isetsky pond dam, Historical Square, Ekaterinburg City Hall, 1905 Square are considered to be very downtown of Ekaterinburg. Ekaterinburg map also points places of interest, museums, monuments, squares, churches and theatres. One can also find a hotel and make hotel's reservation online. Use scrolling to browse through the map. Click the point and learn more about the place you are interested in. If you have any questions about hotel or apartment's location, feel free to contact UralTerra.com manager More...
Ekaterinburg map. EuropeEkaterinburg. Map of Europe and AsiaThe Map of Europe and Asia continent. Ekaterinburg travel company UralTerra.com presents! You can see the Ekaterinburg location on the following Europe map. See Ekaterinburg Map before travel to Russia. Find out Where to go and Who to go With. More...
Ekaterinburg gerbGeneral Details of Ekaterinburg, RussiaKnow more about Ekaterinburg location, foundation, ekaterinburg population, religion, Ekaterinburg climat, industry, economics and finances, transportation. Learn about international relationship in Ekaterinburg, Russia before travel. You can find many useful details about the capital of Ural Region -Ekaterinburg.
EkaterinburgPolitical Geography: EkaterinburgEkaterinburg of Sverdlovsk Oblast is considered to be the third capital of Russia due to such factors as geographical position, developed economics and industry.

Ekaterinburg of Russia is the most important city of the Urals. It is an administrative, transport, commercial, trading, scientific and cultural centre. Besides, it is the regional centre of Sverdlovsk Region. Ekaterinburg borders with Khantia-Mansia Okrug on the North, Tyumen Region on the South-East, Kurgan and Chelyabinsk Regions on the South, perm Region on the West. More...
Ekaterinburg History 18th centuryIn the first half of the 18th century, in Russia, the necessity in the united, centralized administration of all Ural plants appeared. The administrative centre of mining industry had to be focused in a large city. This city had to combine management function, metallurgical industry, and play the role of trading Russian-Siberian intermediary. More...
Ekaterinburg HistoryEkaterinburg History: 19th centuryThe first half of the 19th century is the period of intensive development of pre-revolutionary Ekaterinburg. Ekaterinburg became the centre of all Ural industry.
In 30-s of the 19th century Ural merchants organized a group and sent it to Siberia...

At the end of the 18th century Russia was feudal still, though first signs of capitalistic system appeared. In spite of it, new social-economic system settled only in the middle of the 19th century, later than in Europe. More...
Ekaterinburg 20 centuryEkaterinburg History: 20th centuryAt the beginning of 20th century, light and food industry were developing. Large financial intermediaries, such as Siberian Trading Bank, Volgsko-Kamsky Bank, brunches of Russian Foreign Trade Bank and Russian-Asian Bank were open. Railway system was also developing. These facts caused activity on the city’s market. Population of Ekaterinburg increased. In 1897, it was 42,2 thousand people and in 1917 it was 71,5 thousand people already. More...
Modern Ekaterinburg: 21th centuryEkaterinburg is considered to be the 3d capital of Russia. Its status is confirmed by its multifunctionality. It combines material, economic parts of city's life (such as industry, science, trade, transport) as well as cultural ones. All this provides constant development of the city. More...
Climate in EkaterinburgClimate in Ekaterinburg. Weather reportsSeveral basic factors determine the climates of Ekateriburg. The city’s size and compact shape produce a dominance of continental regimes. In fact there are only two seasons, winter and summer; spring and autumn are brief periods of rapid change from one extreme to other. More...
Ural mountainsGeography of the UralsRussia is a country with a vast territory. Ural region plays an important role as it forms country's appearance. Ural region spreads over the Ural Mountains, western and eastern parts near the Ural Mountains and the great part of the Western Siberian Plane.
The region's territory extends 1,3 thousand km along meridian and 1 thousand km along latitude. Its length is about 195 thousand square km. Thus Ural region occupies about 1,2 % territory of Russian Federation. More...
South UralGeography of the Urals: North and South UralTerritory of the North Ural stretches for 500 km from mountain Kosvin Stone (59° 30' n. lat.) in the South to mountain Telposiz (64° n. lat.) in the North. The total territory is about 90000 square kilometers. The North Ural is situated in taiga. It is covered with forests and boggy lowlands.
The South Ural territory is about 143,6 thousand square km. It stretches 550 km from north to south and 450 km from west to east. More...
Middle UralGeography of the Urals: Middle UralThe Middle Ural combines peculiarities of both the North and the South Urals. The heart of the Middle Ural is the city Ekaterinburg, the capital of Ural region.

Ekaterinburg is situated in the very centre of the vast Eurasian continent, in that part of the Ural Mountains, which is considered to be a natural boundary between Europe and Asia More...
Sverdlovsk mapSverdlovsk Region Map (Sverdlovskaya Oblast), EkaterinburgSverdlovsk region Map is available here. Sverdlovsk region (or Oblast) is a part of the Ural Federal District.
You will see cities of Sverdlovsk region and its capital Ekaterinburg location. You will also see neighbor regions which are next to Sverdlovsk region.
Find location of Sverdlovsk region cities and towns - Alapaevsk, Kamensk-Uralsky, Krasnoufimsk, Nezhny Tagil, Serov, Pervouralsk, Polevskoy, Sysert and etc.
Map is only 250 Kb. More...
Political Geography: Sverdlovsk RegionStatus: Region (oblast)
Capital: Ekaterinburg (Yekaterinburg). Former name Sverdlovsk (1924-1991)
Sverdlovsk Region has 30 areas and 47 towns. More over Sverdlovsk Oblast is divided into 6 smaller regions (okrugs). The main city of Sverdlovsk Region is Ekaterinburg. Ekaterinburg and other big cities around it form Ekaterinburg agglomeration. Ekaterinburg agglomeration consists of the following cities: Kamensk-Uralsky (200 000 people), Pervouralsk (165 000 people), Asbest, Revda, Sredneuralsk, Sysert, Rezh, Irbit and others. More...
Political Geography: Ural Federal DistrictRegions (oblasts): Kurgan Region, Sverdlovsk Region, Tyumen Region, Chelyabinsk Region.
Autonomous Okrugs: Khantia-Mansia, Yamalia.
Main cities: Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan, Izhevsk, Nizhny Tagil, Magnitogorsk, Serov, Zlatoust, Miass, Sterlitamak, Salavat, Pervouralsk, Kamensk-Uralsky, Orsk, Lisva, Kizel. More...
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