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UralTerra.com is the travel agent for your journeys to Russia! UralTerra.com invites tourists to come to the city of Ekaterinburg and to the Ural region.

Services we offer are: accommodation in hotels and apartments, arranging conferences and seminars, organizing business events, DMC in the Ural region, booking air and train tickets, organizing transfers, ordering and arranging meals, providing guided tours and excursions, assisting with travel visas.

The UralTerra.com web-site is a perfect way to place your order online and get an immediate booking. UralTerra.coms professional managers can satisfy even the most detailed and exclusive request. Contact us anytime!

Ekaterinburg. Accommodation & Tours, Sightseeing, Conference service. 

Ekaterinburg hotel. Moscow Hill
Hotel Bolshoy Ural Ekaterinburg

Five Star Hotel/Luxury Hotel

  • Deluxe Ekaterinburg hotels. This hotel list is for tourists that value high-level service and comfort. Here UralTerra.com presents 5* international chains and local Ekaterinburg hotels. 5* Ekaterinburg hotels are Hyatt Regency Ekaterinburg (8 Boris Yeltsin Street) and Atrium Palace Hotel (44 Kuibyshev Street).

Four Star Hotel/First Class Hotel

  • Business class Ekaterinburg hotels. Ekaterinburg is the capital of the Sverdlovsk Region and the heart of Ural regional economy, and so it has many 4* hotels. The most popular business-level hotels are: Moskovskaya Gorka Hotel, Hotel Ural, Onegin Plaza, Richmond, Senator, and other. They are both local hotels and members of international hotel chains. International hotel chains are represented in Ekaterinburg by: Park Inn Hotel 4* (Rezidor Hotel Group), Ramada Hotel 4* (Wyndham Worldwide), Novotel 4* (Accor Group), Angelo 4* (Vienna International). World-level service at a reasonable price makes these hotels comfortable for both business and leisure in Ekaterinburg. Room categories vary from standard to deluxe. Choose one with the help of UralTerra.com booking!

Three Start Hotel/Middle Class Hotel

  • Middle class Ekaterinburg hotels. These are most the popular hotels among travelers to Russia, offering great value for the money. Ekaterinburg offers a big selection of 3* hotels. Choose one located in the Ekaterinburg city center. Contact a UralTerra.com booking manager to check room availability and the best price offer. The most popular 3* Ekaterinburg hotels are: Iset Hotel, Grand-Avenue Hotel, Green Park Hotel, Ekaterinburg-Tsentralny Hotel, and others.

Two Star Hotel/Budget Hotel

  • Budget Ekaterinburg hotels. This is a catalogue of inexpensive and simple hotel accommodation in Ekaterinburg. The list of 2* hotels is rather long and consists of different hotels that offer comfortable accommodation in Ekaterinburg, both in and outside of the city center. Hotels of this type are mostly private mini-hotels. Friendly staff, clean rooms, and tasty breakfasts are always included in the price which is reasonable. Contact a UralTerra.com manager to find the best option!

One Star Hotel/Low Budget Hotel

  • Low budget Ekaterinburg hotels. Here is a UralTerra.com sample of less expensive and cheap hotels in Ekaterinburg. A traveler can save a lot of money by staying in a simple hotel. A UralTerra.com booking manager will help find the best option based on price, comfort level, and desired location. Contact us to make a booking today!

Ekaterinburg Hotels. Questions

  • Useful and interesting information for anyone who travels to Ekaterinburg for the first time. Look through this page while choosing a Ekaterinburg hotel for your stay. UralTerra.com professionals answer popular questions concerning Ekaterinburg hotels, booking rules, and other peculiarities of hotel accommodation in Ekaterinburg. There also is an adequate alternative to staying in a hotel renting an apartment in Ekaterinburg. Click here to check Ekaterinburg apartments.

Budget central hotel: 39 EUR/night

  • Special offer. UralTerra.com invites you to book a good hotel room at a reasonable rate. Choose this hotel, with its central location, low price, and good service. Check room availability for your travel dates with a UralTerra.com booking manager.
Onegin Hotel in Ekaterinburg
Ekaterinburg Iset Hotel
 Ekaterinburg apartments
Apartment Ekaterinburg for rent

Downtown Ekaterinburg flats

  • Ekaterinburg apartments for rent in the city center. UralTerra.com has prepared a list of apartments located in the very heart of Ekaterinburg. This is a perfect choice for tourists who want to live close to the main Ekaterinburg highlights, shops, business centers, and other attractions. They can then visit far-away destinations using all types of public transportation available in the city center subway, bus, tramway, and trolleybus. The Ekaterinburg city center can be geographically defined by the following streets Lenin Avenue, Malysheva, Mamina-Sibiryaka, Lunacharskogo, Sverdlova, Moskovskaya. To stay in the city center look through apartments located on these streets or relatively close.

Reasonably distant apartments

  • UralTerra.com welcomes travelers to stay in an apartment outside of the Ekaterinburg city center. Accommodation in a calm district is safe and comfortable. It takes one 15-20 minutes by car or public transport to get to the Ekaterinburg downtown. Lower rent is another advantage of this choice. Check apartments located on or close to the following streets: Uchiteley, Smazchikov, Zavodskaya, Vostochnaya, Electrikov, Krasnouralskaya and so on.

Distant apartments

  • Distant Ekaterinburg apartments are located about 30 minutes away from the Ekaterinburg city center and its attractions Square of 1905, City Hall, Fine Arts Museum, and Iset River Embankment. Distant apartments are perfect for long-period rent. You can find an apartment in any Ekaterinburg district you need. Contact our manager to get advice and a discount!

Ekaterinburg apartments. Questions

  • Look through some of the most popular questions that travelers to Russia ask when stay in a rental apartment. This is useful information for tourists that prefer to stay in an apartment rather than at a hotel. Check all the advantages of rental in Ekaterinburg. Find the best alternative to a hotel.

Budget apartment: 55 EUR/night

  • Inexpensive apartment accommodation in Ekaterinburg. Find a low-price apartment in the center of Ekaterinburg and close to the main railway station. Great offer for budget travel and short-time accommodation. Great offer for Trans-Siberian Railway travelers. Check availability and make a booking!
Apartments in Yekaterinburg
 Ekaterinburg Accommodation
Panoramic Tour Ekaterinburg
Tour Ekaterinburg

Culture and History

  • These are the most popular tours and excursions. A tourist will lean about Ekaterinburg and the Ural region. Excursions listed here are mostly city tours which deal with local culture, history, arts, and economy. Check these tours if you dont have too much time to spend in Ekaterinburg, but want to gain a complete understanding of the city and its surroundings. UralTerra.com tour guides recommend the Ekaterinburg City Tour, the Romanov Tsar Memorial Tour, the Europe and Asia Border Tour and others.

Leisure and Entertainment

  • This tour catalogue offers unique entertainment tours around Ekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk Region. Look though the list and choose from among: the City Tour, the Europe and Asia Border Tour, Nevyansk Leaning Tower, Russian Banya, Kungur Ice Cave, Horseback Riding, Birds Nursery, Sysert Ceramic Works, and Russian Village tours. A short description of each tour will help you make up your mind. Book the tours any time during your visit to Ekaterinburg.

Science and Education

  • Here is a list tours that mirror the land and culture of the Urals. A tourist with a special interest in science will definitely find something useful. The tour of the town of Verkhoturye is a story about the Orthodox roots of the Urals and Siberia. The tour of the cast-iron producing town of Kasli will reveal much about Ural industry. Ekaterinburg Museum of Geology displays treasures of Ural minerals and stones. A visit to the Ekaterinburg Zoo will demonstrate the variety of Ural flora and fauna. Complete excursion list is here.

Sport, Adventure, Tourism

  • There are different kinds of sport tours of Ekaterinburg and the Ural Region walking, hiking, horseback riding, skiing, canoeing, catamaraning, windsurfing (even for beginners), vertical wind tunneling, and snowboarding. Feel free to request an individual tour that best suits your personal tastes.

Natural Reserves and Resources

  • Your are welcome to choose a weekend tour and enjoy the beauty of Ural nature. Feel the atmosphere of Sverdlovsk Region national parks. The most popular destination for eco-tourism is the Deer Creek national resort, which is not far from Ekaterinburg. The full list of eco-travel tours is here
Europe Asia Border Tour
Romanovs Tour -Ekaterinburg
Ekaterinburg Conference: Grand Avenue
Conference Room- Ekaterinburg

Atrium Palace Hotel. Quiet Saloon

  • This is an example of a Ekaterinburg conference room. Click here to find a description of the conference room in the five-star Atrium Palace Hotel, one of the best in Ekaterinburg. Choosing this hotel as the venue for your event will demonstrate high business level and goodwill. A business event in the Atrium Palace Hotel will improve a companys image among Ekaterinburg businessmen. There are many conference venues and facilities in Ekaterinburg; UralTerra.com can advise as to the best place to hold your event, which will suit your budget and comfort requirements.

Iset Hotel. Meeting room

  • Here is another example of a conference room in Ekaterinburg. This modern-style recently renovated meeting room in the Soviet-type Iset Hotel will set the atmosphere for a successful business conference in Ekaterinburg. This is a perfect choice both for several meetings a day and a few events during a week. The Iset Hotel conference room and daily meals offer is well-suited for professional and educational seminars: the seminar participants can find accommodation in the same hotel, which is located right in the Ekaterinburg city center. UralTerra.com will check meeting room availability and offer a number of other hotels. There are many options, and a company that often works in Ekaterinburg can change its conference venues according to its business aims and budget.

Rings Hotel. Conference Room

  • UralTerra.com offers a combination of a moderate price and comprehensive facilities the Rings Hotel conference room. This hotel targets athletes and business tourists. It is located 20 minutes, by subway, from the city center. This is an example of a low price conference room. A good way both to make judicious use of your budget and to arrange your event professionally. Contact UralTerra.com to check other budget venues available in Ekaterinburg or check here.

Antey business center

  • Conduct your business meetings in the conference room of one of the tallest buildings in Ekaterinburg. UralTerra.com is open to any ideas and can offer venues other than hotel conference rooms such as concert halls, out-of-town cottages, business centers, etc. Find more information see the UralTerra.com catalogue.
DK Ural Conference Room Ekaterinburg
Conference in Moskovskaya gorka Ekaterinburg
Travel Package to Ekaterinburg
Budget Travel -Trip in Ekaterinburg

First class package

  • UralTerra.com offers travel packages for all budgets, from high-level to economy-level. A packages class is based on the hotel choice. A first class package means 4* hotels accommodation and a wide excursion program. There are packages that include a program of daily tour and accommodation in a business-class hotel. Maximum comfort and an impressive level of service are guaranteed.

Middle class package

  • You are welcome to book a hotel in Ekaterinburg and have daily excursions together with UralTerra.com. These travel packages single out the most popular tours that allow one to learn a lot about Ekaterinburg even in a relatively short span of time. A middle class package means 3* hotel accommodation, with breakfast included. A perfect combination of quality and price. Hotels are in a city center. Click here to check UralTerra.com special offers.

Budget class package

  • A budget class package is a wonderful chance for experienced travelers to save money. A perfect choice for Trans-Siberian tourists that travel through all of Russia. These packages include accommodation in budget hotels and offer high-level travel service. Choose a travel package and book it in advance. Dont hesitate to mention any special ideas and requirements of yours. A travelers can also add to the package more tours around Ekaterinburg from the catalogue

Travel to Ekaterinburg. Questions

  • This is useful and helpful information for those who travel to Ekaterinburg for the first time. Find the answers to the most detailed and specific questions before your trip to Ekaterinburg: What to do in Ekaterinburg? What to visit in Ekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk Oblast? Are there any attractions for active travelers? What do travel packages include? What is the weather here and what kind of clothes should one wear? UralTerra.com welcomes all travelers to ask questions using our web form. A UralTerra.com manager will answer your questions and give you our best travel service offers if requested.
Romanov Nikolay 2 in Ekaterinburg
Transsiberian Train Travel Ekaterinburg
Ekaterinburg city
info Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg, Russia. Profile

  • Here is some basic information about Ekaterinburg. You are welcome to learn about the citys location, its districts, population, government, climate, industry, economy, transport, and religion. Travelers can find many interesting details about the relations between Ekaterinburg and other countries, the Sverdlovsk Regions economy, service industry, and tourism. UralTerra.com offers tours around Ekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk Region. Lean more about the city with a professional tour guide. Please, make a request in advance.

Sverdlovsk Region

  • Ekaterinburg is the capital of the Sverdlovsk Region. Learn more about the Sverdlovsk Region and its cities and towns. You will gain complete understanding of the region its industry, population, government structure, and the role of the Sverdlovsk Region in the history and development of Russia. UralTerra.com, in the capacity of a travel agent, will assist any tourist in visiting other cities and towns of the Sverdlovsk Region.

History: Modern Ekaterinburg

  • This article is about modern Ekaterinburg and its life-style what the city is famous for, what the main attractions and sights are, what role Ekaterinburg plays in the Ural region and in Russia in general, and why visit the city. Read this information before traveling to Ekaterinburg. It will help you make up your mind about what to visit and see while staying in Ekaterinburg. Here you will find information about the citys industry, universities, theatres and museums, sport traditions. Modern Ekaterinburg attracts many tourists from all over the world. Ekaterinburg life mirrors Russian life. Thats why it is always interesting to come here for those who travel to Russia for the first time.

Georgaphy of the Ural, Ekaterinburg

  • The heart of the Middle Urals is the city of Ekaterinburg, the capital of the Ural Region. This article describes the Ural Federal District and the Urals. UralTerra.com recommends Trans-Siberian travelers to read this information; it is an interesting story about Ural lakes, rivers, and mountains. Ural geography is unique and there are many places which are an absolute must to be visited. If you decide to travel to one of the many natural reserves or mountains of the region, please contact a UralTerra.com manager and make the corresponding request.
Ekaterinburg modern city
City center of Ekaterinburg
cathedral on the blood in Ekaterinburg
Legislative Assembly Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg Art Gallery

  • The Art Gallery is located in the Historical Square of Ekaterinburg. Enjoy interesting stories about cast-iron objects, beautiful pictures, Ural stone goods, works of both modern and last century artists. The exhibitions renew seasonally.

Iset River Embankment

  • It is one of the favorite sights of Ekaterinburg among its citizens and guests. The Dam, several squares on the Iset embankment, and a wonderful view of the city attract tourists from all over the world. It is also the site of many architectural monuments that Ekaterinburg is proud of.

Ekaterinburg City Hall

  • Ekaterinburg City Hall stands on the famous Square of the 1905 Revolution, which is considered the very heart of Ekaterinburg. The building is close to the Iset River Dam and is surrounded by such attractions as the pedestrianized Vainera Street, the Drama Theater, different monuments, a trade center, the Governors Residence, etc. Come to Ekaterinburg and see all of them!

Opera and Ballet House

  • The oldest theater of Ekaterinburg, the Opera and Ballet House stands in the very center of the city, between the Ural State University and the Bolshoy Ural Hotel. Antey and Park Inn hotels are nearby. The Opera and Ballet House of Ekaterinburg is a nationally famous theatre. Its orchestra is world-famous. Contact a UralTerra.com manager to get ticket to an Opera and Ballet House performance.

Europe and Asia Monument

  • Ekaterinburg is proud of its location on the border between the continents of Europe and Asia. The monument is a unique geographical marker of Russia and a symbol of the Urals. UralTerra.com invites tourists to book a tour to visit the Europe-Asia border. UralTerra.com offer special tours to see several monuments that mark the border between Europe and Asia: in the course of the tours a tourist will see the modern border marker which is 17 km from Ekaterinburg, the Memorial to Victims of Stalins Repressions, the Novo-Alekseevka village along the Trans-Siberian railway, and, finally, the old Europe and Asia monument and time capsule which are located on the 40th km of the Ekaterinburg-Moscow highway. Remember the feeling of standing in Asia and in Europe at the same time and make a uniquely memorable picture!

Ural State Technical University

  • The Ural State Technical University was established in 1920. As of today, it has more than 200 000 successful graduates. In 2008 the University was named after Boris Yeltsin, the First President of Russia, since it was from this university that he graduated cum laude in 1955. The Ural State Technical University and the Ural State University have recently been merged to form the Ural Federal University one of the largest and most prestigious Russian universities.
Stone Cutting Museum
Ekaterinburg Europe-Asia Boundary
Ekaterinburg restaurants
Bars and Pubs in Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg Restaurants

  • Welcome to a catalogue of Ekaterinburg restaurants. You can try the various cuisines that they offer, but dont miss Russian food, which any traveler to Ekaterinburg should experience. Ekaterinburg has high-class restaurants that will suit the requirements of the most exacting gourmet. This is a list of places for business meetings, birthday celebrations, and romantic dinners.

Ekaterinburg Cafes

  • In this catalogue UralTerra.com presents Ekaterinburg cafes. We offer the most popular and favorite places to have lunch or dinner at. The cafes range from budget to deluxe. Find the best one for you!

Ekaterinburg Bars & Pubs

  • These are the bars and pubs of Ekaterinburg. Choose the most suitable bar for you to spend time together with your friends. Pubs are very popular in Ekaterinburg; young people come there on Friday and Saturday nights to drink some beer and dance. These are great places to go out for a party. During the week these are perfect places to have lunch and read a newspaper. Bars and pubs of Ekaterinburg are places where one can experience the vibrant and hectic life of modern Ekaterinburg.

Fast Food in Ekaterinburg

  • Pizzas, hot dogs, snacks, French fries, chicken all of those are offered in fast-food cafes and chains. Find a list of them here. MacDonalds, MacPeak, KFC, Pizza Mia, and many others the best places where a traveler can make a short stop before he or she continues walking around Ekaterinburg.

UralTerra.com recommends: Dacha

  • UralTerra.com offers you an example of a lovely place to visit. This is a cafe on the crossroads of Lenin Avenue and Khohryakova Street, right in the city center, near Ekaterinburg City Hall. Traditional Russian dishes, nice atmosphere, interesting interiors ideas. This place is good both for a simple lunch and for a special-event dinner. Here is a description of the Dacha Restaurant one of the best in Ekaterinburg.
Cafes of Ekaterinburg. Where to eat
Ekaterinburg Pizza, Fast food
car Transfer in Ekaterinburg
Car transfer, car rent Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg and its environs. Transportation

  • Koltsovo airport is 20 km away from Ekaterinburg. The Central railway station of Ekaterinburg is located near the city center. Arranged meeting and pick up at the airport and railway station makes your travelling comfortable and secure. UralTerra.com recommends tourists to order personal or group transfers. UralTerra.com offers different types of cars, minivans, minibuses and buses. Groups are always accompanied by the English speaking manager. Apply for return transfer and get a discount!

Rent a car with a driver

  • UralTerra.com offers additional transport assistance for travelers to Ekaterinburg. Rent a car with a driver. Daily rent is the best option for business tourists to Ekaterinburg who have many meetings during the day. It is possible to rent a car for a few hours and travel to visit any sights of the city. UralTerra.com offers any types of cars budget, business and premium class. Minibuses and buses are also at the disposal of tourist groups.
Bus Excursions in Ekaterinburg -Bus Tours
Group Travel to Ekaterinburg
Uktus Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg and its environs

  • Ski resorts close to Ekaterinburg are: Volchikha, Teplaya, Pilnaya, Uktus, Stozhok. This is the best choice for tourists that plan to learn how to ski. These resorts offer safe skiing, professional instructors. If one stays in Ekaterinburg as a guest or a businessman, he or she can visit the closest ski resort to relax and enjoy skiing in the open. Woods, the countryside, a lot of snow, skiing will provide your with a fitting memory of the Russian winter.

Sverdlovsk Region Ski resorts

  • Local residents and those visiting Ekaterinburg know well about popular ski resorts of the Sverdlovsk region. They are suitable for professional skiing and well-equipped.
    UralTerra.com recommends the Ezhovaya Mountain, which is 120 km from Ekaterinburg. Ezhovaya offers many different slopes for all level of skiing skills. The Motaikha Mountain is a wonderful choice for free-ride and has budget ski-pass rates. There is a modern international ski resort near Nizhny Tagil called the Belaya Mountain (250 km from Ekaterinburg). These resorts offer many other additional services ski and snowboard rental, hotel accommodation, cafes and restaurants on the mountaintop, Russian sauna, pool and billiard, tubing and snow parks, barbecue, snowmobile and horse rides. A family weekend, a one-day trip for a group of friends, an unofficial business meeting these are just some basic ideas! Contact a UralTerra.com manager to get the perfect plan of your winter skiing holiday.

Mountain skiing in the Ural Federal District

  • Skiing and snowboarding becomes more and more popular in Russia each year. Long snowy winters ensure athletes have a long skiing season. Different landscape patterns and a great variety of mountains allow tourist to choose a ski resort according to their skiing level amateur or professional. Ski resort development ensures good service, artificial snow, well-prepared ski trails, comfortable lifts, equipment rental, and hotels located nearby.
    UralTerra.com offers a list of popular ski resorts of the Middle and Southern Urals the Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk Oblasts, Bashkortostan, the Perm Krai. All resorts are at most 500 km from Ekaterinburg itself. You are invited to visit Abzakovo, Magnitogorsk ski resort on Bannoe lake, Zavjalikha, Adzhigardak, Gubakha.
Russian ski: Ezhovaya
Bannoe Ski resort
Moskovskaya Gorka hotel in Ekaterinburg
Remezov Hotel Tyumen

Ekaterinburg hotels

Tyumen hotels

  • Here is a list of all Tyumen hotels. UralTerra.com offers all types of accommodation in Tyumen, from budget to deluxe, hotels and Tyumen apartments. Travel to Tyumen is usually for business. There are many business visitors to Tyumen and thats why hotels are often fully booked. A UralTerra.com manager can check hotel availability for the requested travel period and make a guaranteed reservation. The most popular hotels of Tyumen are: Filton 3*, Tyumen 4*

Chelyabinsk hotels

  • Here is a full list of Chelyabinsk hotels. Chelyabinsk is the heart of the Southern Urals, a city with a well-developed industry and economy. Business and skiing are the most popular reasons to travel there. Chelyabinsk is 250 km from Ekaterinburg. It has a variety of different hotels. Contact a UralTerra.com manager to a make preliminary reservation for you stay in Chelyabinsk. Or just make your reservation online, choosing from the UralTerra.com hotel catalogue. The most popular hotels of Tyumen are: Malachite, Meridian, Southern Ural, etc.

Surgut hotels

  • All hotels of Surgut are presented in the UralTerra.com hotel catalogue. Surgut is the administrative center of the Sugrut County of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District. Surgut is the biggest city of the autonomous district, it is the center of the oil industry of the Northern Urals. Business travel to Surgut is well-developed. UralTerra.com will assist you in choosing a hotel and in making a reservation at any of Surgut hotel. Make your reservation beforehand to have your accommodation guaranteed. Feel free to contact a UralTerra.com manager to choose the right hotel for your trip to Surgut. The most popular hotels of Surgut are: Centre, Medvezhy Ugol, Ob Hotel, etc.

Khanty-Mansiysk hotels

  • Here is a list of Khanty-Mansiysk hotels. UralTerra.com invites travelers to look through it and find the best hotel for their stay in Khanty-Mansiysk. Khanty-Mansiysk is the capital of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District, or Yugra. This city is well know as a biathlon and ski center. Athletes and fans travel there for local and international skiing and biathlon events. Khanty-Mansiysk has many hotels. Feel free to choose the best of those on the UralTerra.com web-site. The most popular hotels of Khanty-Mansiysk are: Cronwell, On Seven Hills and others.
Holiday Inn hotel in Chelyabinsk
Center hotel in Surgut
Conference service in Ekaterinburg
Events and Exhibitions in Russia

Meetings and Conventions

  • Promote your company, goods, and services in Russia. UralTerra.com will assist your company in arranging a seminar, a conference, or a presentation in Russia. If you are active on the Russian market, event making is the best and the most effective way for your company to promote its business. It takes just one business travel from your companys representative. You will get a number of customers and business partners in Russia. The type of event depends on your companys aims. Each offers a perfect incentive and motivation. These are: meetings of commercial representatives, presentations in dealership centers, seminars for sellers, business conferences, conventions of buyers and customers, shows, outdoor and charity parties as city-wide events. UralTerra.coms professional MICE assistance will be really helpful. We will manage an event at any concert or conference venue of the Ural Region, we will arrange incentive travel to the Ural Region for your staff or partners, we will offer individual and group travel to the Ural Region.

Incentive Travel

  • Incentive travel to Ekaterinburg and the Ural Region. Contact UralTerra.com to arrange incentive travel or event for your company. Incentive travel is good motivation for a companys managers, partners, and friends. Ekaterinburg and the Urals is the best place to do such an incentive event if the companys business in connected to the Ural markets. Even if the company only plans to spread its business into the Ural region, it is nevertheless a great idea to start this with an incentive event. Open the Urals for your business. Contact UralTerra.com to begin! UralTerra.com offers the entire range of service needed to arrange incentive travel: conference, sport, and concert programs, accommodation in hotels and apartments, transfer from the airport, assistance with check-in and check-out, guided tours and excursions, medical insurance for traveling to Russia, booking air and train tickets, ordering and arranging meals. Do your incentive travel with UralTerra.com!


  • UralTerra.com offers a wide range of MICE services in Ekaterinburg and the Ural Region. We can help select conference rooms and concert halls, plan your travel budget, book hotels and apartments for the events participants, arrange meals and transport, provide guided tours and excursions, meet international groups and delegates. UralTerra.com has a lot of experience in organizing seminars of different levels from seminars for small groups of 30 persons to big conferences with 1000 participants. We offer our customers a great choice of conference venues and exhibition halls of Ekaterinburg and the Ural Region. One can order all the required attendant travel services, such as hotel accommodation, catering, transportation, meeting at the airport, concert equipment rental, etc. UralTerra.com can arrange your conference anywhere in the Ural Region Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Surgut, etc.

Events and Exhibitions

  • UralTerra.com provides all necessary services to organize any business event from A to Z: booking air and train tickets, hotel accommodation, venue search, transportation, ordering and arranging meals, event promotion, banqueting and shows. Our professional managers will create detailed projects of events that will satisfy all of our customers requirements. The geography of our customers events can range from central Russia to Siberia. UralTerra.com has a lot of experience in organizing event in Ekaterinburg and the Ural Region; it also organized events in Central Russia and Siberia Moscow, St. Petersburg, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Ufa, Saratov, Izhevsk and so on.
Meetings and Conventions in Russia
Business Events in Ekaterinburg, Russia
 Good Choice: 90 EUR
Apartment rent in Ekaterinburg. Price per night

 Ekaterinburg hotels MAP

Ekaterinburg map
- 4* Ural hotel Ekaterinburg
- 4* Onegin Plaza
- 3* Grand Avenue hotel
- 3* Green Park Hotel
- 2* Bolshoy Ural hotel
- 2* hotel URAL
- 4* Novotel Ekaterinburg


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